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Give Me Conflict

Jessica Faust, President of the BookEnds Literary Agency, kindly granted permission to repost the following excellent explanation of how to grab an agent’s attention in the short three seconds they will give a query before they move on. Thanks, Jessica! … Continue reading

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My novelist friend, Judith Starkston, has been posting on Facebook recently about a tool that’s simplifying the process of writing her second novel. I caught up with her to learn more and wanted to share what she taught me. The … Continue reading

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Novel Writing 101: Point of View

Nearly every author with whom I’ve spoken has mentioned their early struggles with point of view (POV). The topic is vital to your success as a novelist. What is Point of View? Essentially, POV is the character narrating the story—whether throughout … Continue reading

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Novel Writing 101: Character Development

Writing was the last thing Mark Mynheir wanted to do as he grew up. Being dyslexic, “From my earliest memories, the written word was my enemy,” he said. “I struggled through school kicking and screaming, hating every moment of it. … Continue reading

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