“I have always been impressed with Karen’s willingness and ability to take on projects that she isn’t “the expert” on and manage them well. She absorbs the new information and is able to direct the project making solid decisions to improve the overall results.”
Roger Hall, Co-Founder, Full Fusion

Karen has a exceptional range of skills that cover a diverse set of areas. Her macro planning abilities and capacities to see the big picture are very strong. Her attention to details in project management excel. She’s an exceptional writer, an experienced public relations executive, and has a strong set of marketing skills both on the internet and in traditional fields. I would recommend her highly to anyone looking for top-flight assistance.
Randall J. Mains, Co-Founder, Pathmaker Marketing LLC

Karen is an organized and creative professional who works effectively and efficiently to accomplish her goals, whether on a team setting or individually. She’s a terrific asset to any group.
Meagan Gillan, Executive Editor, The Presidential Prayer Team

Karen is friendly and professional and approaches her work with excellence.
Greg Forney, Director of Create Services, Food for the Hungry

Karen was the director of public relations and my supervisor at Food for the Hungry for four and a half years. She is a model of professionalism and integrity, and I greatly appreciate her mentorship and confidence that made my time there a key career step. I would recommend or work with her again any time.
Daryn Kobta, Freelance Writer

I have had the pleasure of working with Karen and knowing her for the past 10 years. She is a leader, an excellent problem solver, progressive thinker, goal oriented and offers exceptional computer skills. She is a team player and an excellent team builder.
Cassy Cady-Smith, Former Co-Worker

Karen is a person of great integrity, value and character. I have known her for over six years, as both a good friend and a professional, having worked together for over half this time. I am delighted to give her the highest quality endorsement possible.
Geoffrey Varga, Real Estate Investor

I recommend Karen for any opportunity that could use her diverse communication, business management, marketing, fundraising, public relations, media and other related skills and talents. It would be an honor to team up with Karen again. I am confident, if given the same opportunity, that you will agree.
Lorin Diehl, Former Co-Worker