Generosity Will Help You Build Your Book Business

Tara Majuta, author of The Fascinating Files of Claudia Broadstad

Tara Majuta

Tara Majuta used her business degree at a financial management firm until she realized it was sucking the creativity right out of her. So she decided to be a novelist instead. To fund that endeavor, she learned about novel writing and publishing, created a curriculum about what she’d learned and opened a consulting business. That all happened in the span of a couple of years.

She’s a bit of a powerhouse!

“I’m looking to empower people who are either interested in writing a book, have written a book or want to get help with building a book business,” she said.

She independently published her debut novel, The Fascinating Files of Claudia Broadstad, through Abbot Press in 2013, one year after quitting her full-time job.

The Fascinating Files of Claudia Broadstad by Tara Majuta“Claudia is 23 and running around the world trying to solve cases in order to put together the clues about her father’s disappearance. Her best friends are along for the ride, creating a comedic mix of characters,” Tara said. “This is the first book in a series of eight. In each book, Claudia and friends solve different cases in their quest to find Claudia’s father. Each case comes up as she’s looking for different clues.”

Advice to Aspiring Authors

  • Don’t be selfish. Tara says that when you interact with other authors and readers, make it about them, not selling your book.
  • Build your community. Tara agrees with Judith Starkston‘s admonition to start building your community two years before publication. “It’s to let people know what you’re up to. They’re going to love you if you’re constantly communicating ideas and telling about your characters. They’ll wait for your book to come out.”
  • Get to know your readers. “Especially if you’re writing a series, you can ask your readers what they’d like to see you put in the next book. Readers can pour into your project without you even realizing it.”
  • When self-publishing, carefully consider your options. “Vanity presses sell packages that contain a lot of things you don’t need,” Tara said. You can end up paying several thousand dollars with promises of being in a catalog, not realizing that you’re there with hundreds of other authors. “The cost of creating a book should be a small margin. It will take a lot of effort to get your money back. You need to understand the publishing and distribution processes before you go that direction.”
  • Get professionally edited. New authors make mistakes, and professional editors can help you navigate around the hurdles that keep your manuscript from getting a second glance by an agent or publisher. “Even if you self publish, you need an editor,” Tara said.

Finding Joy in Life

Tara finds joy in writing, calling it her purpose. Empowering people is her passion. “Whether it’s on an author level, or empowering young or old people, I love to make people laugh.” She’s also working to save the whales, and to go whale watching in Santa Barbara, Calif. “I want to go to the places where my characters go.”

You can connect with Tara on her website.

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